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Why diets don’t work << blah blah >> and why my video just had over 28,000 views in two days!

Sometimes we just need to hear it straight. No BS. No exaggerating. No making promises of ridiculous claims and unheard of results. That's what I did the other night during a live Facebook chat where [...]

Christmas Shopping Represents Your Life

I was at Winner's the other day doing a little Christmas shopping when a stranger came up to me and told me she 'loved how quickly I made decisions.' I laughed, wondering why a stranger [...]

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The best way to fight is to write. Let me teach you how.

Boy, oh boy, what a time of unrest; there is still so much confusion, uncertainty and fear for many. For some, the election results have reactivated old injustices from our pasts--almost like 'reopened court cases' [...]

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What To Do When Peace Feels Passive

It's Thanksgiving here is Canada today. A bizarre concept, I know, for my American friends who don't celebrate it for another month or so... (maybe our crops are harvested much earlier than yours because of [...]

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Do You Have Emotional Flashbacks?

I wonder if you are like me--someone who experiences 'emotional flashbacks'? You're going about your day . . . say 'opening your mail when someone knocks on your front door' and you instantly feel stress. [...]

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Too fit! Too fat! Too hard! Too soft! Too much like a woman…

If you've only just recently met me, you may find it hard to imagine that for most of my life I was a fitness guru. Literally, I ran 10 kilometres daily and rocked out my 'step classes' [...]

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