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I am safe. My body is safe. My future is safe.

I have to tell you that over the past six months, I have reawakened! It all began with a new Facebook group I created called "Simply...Woman! Love Your Body, Love Your Life". I had no idea where it would take me! Huge! Incredible! Life-saving! In fact, I have gained so much more than the twenty-five [...]

True Story: Twenty-years ago today, this happened!

Exactly twenty years ago today, February 23rd, 1997, I wrote in a journal for the first time. My first sentence was: I just want to be empowered. At the time, I was a young, stay-at-home mother. My eldest daughter, Madelaine, had just turned two. My baby, Julia, was two days away from her three-month birthday. [...]

Why diets don’t work << blah blah >> and why my video just had over 28,000 views in two days!

Sometimes we just need to hear it straight. No BS. No exaggerating. No making promises of ridiculous claims and unheard of results. That's what I did the other night during a live Facebook chat where I explained why dieting is bullshit; New Year's resolutions suck, and why you're sabotaging. I told the truth. I'm not [...]

Do You Have Emotional Flashbacks?

I wonder if you are like me--someone who experiences 'emotional flashbacks'? You're going about your day . . . say 'opening your mail when someone knocks on your front door' and you instantly feel stress. They start knocking louder and more forcefully, so you pretend you're not home and silently creep up the stairs, feeling [...]

Here’s what just landed me on Oprah.com!

They say necessity is the mother of invention—it’s when the need for something becomes so necessary that you are forced to find ways of creating it. This is my truth. This is why I created “The Emotional Edge: 12-Week TeleCourse”. And although I’d love to say I developed it purely for my desire and passion [...]

Black Women, White Women, Indian Women, Latino Women, Asian Women….all women!

Today, I sat looking at the photos of all the women in our private Facebook group who are participating in one of my courses at The S.W.A.T. Institute. Women from so many different countries: White Women, Black Women, Indian Women, Asian Women, Latino Women – women from Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, the list [...]

There is a Fine Line Between Madness and Mystic. And I Walked it…

It’s been a month since The Emotional Edge came out. Hard to believe! What many of you don’t know is that while writing that book, I felt like I was teeter tottering into no-man’s-land; I was afraid to move forward but more afraid to go back. The vulnerability I felt sharing my own truths, mixed with [...]

Who wants to help strangers, when it’s your problems you need help with?

For many many years, I focused all my energy into helping strangers. I helped women, many whom I didn’t know, because it made me feel better about myself and my own life. But the truth is, helping others also helped me avoid dealing with my own problems! My family and intimate relationship were always the biggest source [...]

Did YOU Win My 12-Week TeleCourse: The Emotional Edge?

I feel like Oprah: “YOU just won the 12-Week TeleCourse: The Emotional Edge! And YOU and YOU and YOU won the TeleCourse, too!” LOL What a dream come true to award 1,000 deserving women with my upcoming 12-Week TeleCourse: The Emotional Edge! The total scholarship was $350,000.00 in course fees. Have you checked your inbox [...]

Today is a Very Special Day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today, for the first time in my life, my new hardcover book is sitting front and center in every Barnes & Noble across the United States of America! That’s pretty freaking huge, right? Especially for me—an unknown, first-time self-published author, living in a small town in CANADA. Last night, I sat reflecting on all that [...]

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