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Why diets don’t work << blah blah >> and why my video just had over 28,000 views in two days!

Sometimes we just need to hear it straight. No BS. No exaggerating. No making promises of ridiculous claims and unheard of results. That's what I did the other night during a live Facebook chat where I explained why dieting is bullshit; New Year's resolutions suck, and why you're sabotaging. I told the truth. I'm not [...]

Why Your Family Triggers You

Another Christmas has passed and for those of us who celebrate this holiday, it is filled with tons of emotions. Some of us feel incredibly blessed, safe, and loved during this special time of year, while others feel stressed, scared, and lonely. In my own family (I’m referring to my mother, father, brother, sister, and [...]

Men, Women, Sex, Love & Intimacy!

Are you tired of being in a power-struggle with your partner? Unsure of how to get your emotional, physical and/or sexual needs met? Would you like to learn the Art of Empowered Communication and the NEW Language of Love? Give your Self and/or your Valentine the perfect present! Join my husband and me as we [...]

Is it true: Can I really transform your life?

Can I really transform your life? Nope. I’m sorry to break your bubble, but no one can transform your life but YOU! But here’s what I can do >>> I can give you the tools for you transform your life with my 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse! I have been teaching this LIVE course for close [...]

Emma Watson. Her UN Speech. Nude Pictures. And The Simply Woman Retreat.

Is it just me or are we finally beginning to have the conversations that must happen about women, men, equality, and sexuality in a more mainstream way? Just yesterday I was flying to Vancouver, BC for The Simply Woman Retreat I’m facilitating this weekend at the Pan Pacific Hotel. On the plane I watched the [...]

“Can we talk?” – The Passing of Joan Rivers

The passing of Joan Rivers consumed the airwaves this past weekend. From Dateline to 20/20, even CNN, along with all the entertainment shows, everyone was paying tribute to the 81-year-old media mogul. In honesty, I’ve never particularly resonated with Joan Rivers . . . until her death. And yet, something kept me glued to the [...]

Why Did I Let You Dull My Shine?

SO IT HAPPENED! Exactly what I've been afraid would happen. I posted some new photos on Facebook that my 17-year-old daughter (a budding new make-up artist and photographer) took of me. Truth be told, I've been stepping back into my “Woman Energy” over the past few months – really getting my "Mo-Jo" back -- and [...]

Healthy Boundaries Create Healthy Relationships

After writing last week’s article on “rejection”, I received a few private messages from women asking if I would write more about “boundaries”. In that blog, I explained that boundary setting is hands-down the most important lesson we women need to learn: “Healthy boundaries are like having a front door with a lock on it. [...]

Kindergarten, Driving, University, Marriage: It’s All the Same to Mother Energy™

Mother Energy™ has crept back into my life again—that fiercely protective, “Worrier-Warrior”, who is certain my children aren’t quite ready for the natural progression of life and can’t handle the next steps without my continual guidance and loving, hands-on approach. No, my Mother Energy™ is not an actual person. She’s within me.  (And no, I [...]

In the Face of Uncertainty

The moment arrives faster than expected. Your guard is down. Actually, your guard is down most of the time now. You’ve been dealing with “your stuff” so well you didn’t think you need a guard any longer. “I’ve worked this out,” you’re quite certain. “I’m good. I’m happy. I’m strong. I’ve got this.” Then, BAM, [...]

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