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Our Addiction to being a Victim <<< the Karpman Drama Triangle

I recently read a blog by one of my favorite teachers, Melody Beattie.* We also use her work in my school, The S.W.A.T. Institute. Melody had asked a fellow therapist "what the one thing was that hallmarked the unhappy state of being many of us have come to label as codependency." “It’s the Karpman Drama [...]

I am safe. My body is safe. My future is safe.

I have to tell you that over the past six months, I have reawakened! It all began with a new Facebook group I created called "Simply...Woman! Love Your Body, Love Your Life". I had no idea where it would take me! Huge! Incredible! Life-saving! In fact, I have gained so much more than the twenty-five [...]

Why diets don’t work << blah blah >> and why my video just had over 28,000 views in two days!

Sometimes we just need to hear it straight. No BS. No exaggerating. No making promises of ridiculous claims and unheard of results. That's what I did the other night during a live Facebook chat where I explained why dieting is bullshit; New Year's resolutions suck, and why you're sabotaging. I told the truth. I'm not [...]

My shame lands me on the cover of the New York Post:

Who knew that telling my shameful secrets—exposing my sexual abuse, rape, homelessness, teenage promiscuity (and ‘NO’ it wasn’t countless men I had sex with like the article said), huge weight gain and my shame shame shame—would land me on the cover of the New York Post? When the article hit, I read it aloud [...]

Black Women, White Women, Indian Women, Latino Women, Asian Women….all women!

Today, I sat looking at the photos of all the women in our private Facebook group who are participating in one of my courses at The S.W.A.T. Institute. Women from so many different countries: White Women, Black Women, Indian Women, Asian Women, Latino Women – women from Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, the list [...]

Why God Created Us? And Why ‘We’ Created the Big Bang?

I won’t lie: Life has not been easy for me. At times it’s been a fall-down, all-out, battle. But I think those of us who are ‘strong’ will agree, it is because of our struggles that we’ve garnered our wings of wisdom and learned to fly. In my case, all my struggles helped me understand [...]

Why God Allows Evil to Exist

We’ve all heard the statements that condemn God for allowing suffering, sadness, evil and oppression to exist in this world. But the fact is, duality is the spectrum of life. It is our ability to choose the Light that expands consciousness and empowers us! The necessity of choice is why all our religious texts insist [...]

Oh my sister. It is time. Stand Up.

The S.W.A.T. Institute offers something entirely unique in the world: We are the only “Empowerment Coaching Certification program,” exclusively for women. In honor of International Women’s Day and the 5th Anniversary of The S.W.A.T. Institute, we are awarding 100 deserving women with full Scholarships—including books and a tablet—to come to school! At the Vancouver 2009 [...]

We’re Sending 100 Women To School

Holy Moly >>> we’ve had the coldest month in forty years. And I spent most of it snuggled in bed, working on my laptop, healing from a bad chest cold. Between watching every episode of "Orange is the New Black" and then diving into “The Good Wife” series on NetFlix, I’ve certainly got my fill [...]

Is it true: Can I really transform your life?

Can I really transform your life? Nope. I’m sorry to break your bubble, but no one can transform your life but YOU! But here’s what I can do >>> I can give you the tools for you transform your life with my 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse! I have been teaching this LIVE course for close [...]

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