I feel like Oprah: “YOU just won the 12-Week TeleCourse: The Emotional Edge! And YOU and YOU and YOU won the TeleCourse, too!” LOL

What a dream come true to award 1,000 deserving women with my upcoming 12-Week TeleCourse: The Emotional Edge! The total scholarship was $350,000.00 in course fees.

Have you checked your inbox to see if you’ve won? All the winners were notified by email.

Did you even nominate yourself?? If not, why not?

New York Times, bestselling author, Sonia Choquette wrote: “The Emotional Edge caught me by surprise; not just another ‘self-help book for the wounded,’ it feels more like a practical new psychology that gives profound and specific tools for the integration and healing of the Self. The processes, exercises, and meditations that Crystal Andrus Morissette provides are spot on! If applied, they will allow the reader to achieve a sense of inner peace and empowerment. A must read!”

I’m going to share a secret with you. If you want to feel fully alive: Give!

Give the world your talent! Give the world your heart! Give the world your love, care, compassion, insights, and purpose . . . and watch how your own life overflows with love, joy, and peace! Abundance, too!

Just imagine, a thousand women who will understand The Empowerment Process, who will heal themselves, and change the way they are showing up in the world?

The ripple effect will be massive! The gift they will give the world is the most empowered version of them possible!

All too often we don’t believe we have anything to give and yet, I promise you that you do! Tucked away inside of you are dreams, ideas, and talents that you may or may not even know yet exist! Your purpose in life is to find what lights you up and to share it! We live in an ever-expanding universe and you are a part of that expansion!

When your life grows . . . when you soar, the universe soars with you . . . and the world around you grows!

Although nominations to win the 12-Week TeleCourse are closed, it’s not too late to join us! We get started January 20th and this course will give you the tools to find peace of mind, self-love, acceptance, and healing in all your relationships. Guaranteed or your money back!

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Huge love,