Simply…Woman Retreats with Crystal

From the desk of Crystal:

Of all the things I do — writing books, coaching, facilitating courses, teaching workshops, working on TV and radio — there is nothing that ignites my spirit like a Simply…Woman Retreat!

So many women ask me, prior to attending one of my day-long Simply…Woman Retreats, “What is it all about? What can I expect?”

Let me summarize what I do in a short paragraph: I help you remember who you really are. I help you reclaim your power, self-love, and belief in yourself. I help you forgive yourself for what you did or didn’t do. I help you let go of shame, blame, guilt, and fear. I help you channel your anger into courage and willingness. I help you take the “30,000-foot view” on your challenges, which allows you to see things from a new perspective. I help you to discover the unlimited possibilities for yourself — and through the power of sharing, caring, journaling, meditating, collaborating, and celebrating, YOU will leave with clarity and confidence. But in the end, you will do it all. It will be your success. I’m just your “life navigator” . . . your coach . . .  your friend . . . your greatest supporter.

The really neat thing for me is that I see how the women transform from the time they walk through the doors at 9am to the time they leave at 6pm. Some literally look ten years younger! Many women feel like they’ve unloaded a thousand pounds of baggage (some didn’t even realize they were carrying). They have a lightness in their step, an openness in their hearts, and a willingness to go home with a new mindset and decision to become incredibly empowered, happy, focused, and unstoppable.

Afterward, I often hear from participants they had no idea what to expect or why they even registered (other than the fact that there was something that “spoke to them” that they needed to attend).

“There are no mistakes,” I assure them. “Your spirit is always whispering to you, so trust when it feels right.”

In the end, the women who least thought they needed it are usually the ones who receive the most! It’s amazing how the Universe works.

Why Don’t You Give Yourself This Gift?

We all have an aspect of our lives that isn’t working as well as it could be . . . or should be. Some of us have many areas we feel stuck in. Other women have specific questions about their career or love life.

What goes on during this magnificent day really is “some kind of special”. Something works in and through me — answers come, breakthroughs happen, and insights into who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can do it differently, as wradio_frame02ell as a wallop of courage, clarity, and confidence appears, not just for some of the women . . . but for all.

Plus, the music of Natalie Hughes not only adds a powerful heart-opening experience, it creates an atmosphere we couldn’t achieve without her! To get Natalie’s amazing CD entitled “Beauty” from iTunes, click here!

Let me share what some of our past participants have said:

Dear Crystal,

Your Simply…Woman Retreat I just attended was Simply…Phenomenal! I was so impressed, on so many levels (and at this point in my life I’m not easily impressed 🙂

Your ability to convey love, acceptance and respect for every one of the participants, while at the same time sharing who you are was so refreshing!! And you are so funny!!! In your own special way, you managed to bring all the women together and, in a very short amount of time, an invisible bond and palpable energy is formed. The women begin to share and friendships are ignited.

I’ve been on the metaphysical/spiritual path since I was born (give or take a couple of detours) and have a career that expands over 20 years as a clinical social worker. In my personal and professional pursuits, I’ve come across many groups and programs that offered this that and the other thing. The workshop that you facilitate is truly in a league of its own!

You, along with the women that come together in the little church, create an energy where miracles do happen. I witnessed it. I experienced it. It is in this energy field that quantum healing happens for mind, body and soul and years of living from that wounded place begin to melt away. If that wasn’t enough, you manage to keep yourself and us in that energy all day long, even while you feed us in your home!! Seriously? Wow!!

Crystal, I am so thankful that part of my soul contract included meeting you! You are absolutely beautiful (when you walked in I said to Mary Kay “she looks like an angel” – little did I know! (or maybe I did 🙂 This workshop quantum leaped to becoming the number one resource for my friends and clients!!

Sylvana Viovy, MSW, RSW

Dear Crystal,

Life is so amazing! All of it. The good and the bad. The uphill struggles and the smooth sailing. I walked away on Saturday empowered and reminded of the beauty, resilience, and connection that we all share whether we are aware of it or not. You are this perfect example to the world and certainly, firsthand, to the women that were blessed by your genuine love and support.

The day brought me many gifts and blessings. I am humbled to have been a witness to the vulnerability and open hearts of the other women. All we really desire is to be loved and to love and sometimes, often, we forget. Your magnificent presence and your radiant light allowed for others to reconnect to this truth and begin to feel it again, at a very deep level.

 How do I say thank you enough to convey how moved I am to have had this experience?

 I do know that you understand exactly what I am feeling and saying and that in moments like this when one is in a state of pure humility, honesty and love no words really need to be expressed – you just get it and know!

There is so much more about the day – for sure – and as I sit quietly the lessons and messages are coming in clear and strong. So Beautiful Crystal – the day was awesome. The music and singing shared by Natalie was like a cozy warm comforter (blanket) that wrapped us up in love. The food so yummy and the connections with the others – pure. For all that you are, for the way you share your journey so that we may experience our own greatness – I am grateful.

With heartfelt love forever,

Sonia Filice

Come alone or bring a friend. Either way, you will leave with a new sisterhood of support! Give this gift to yourself . . . you will not be disappointed!

I’m so excited to meet you in person!



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