Jaci Pozdzik ~ Edmonton, Alberta

Crystal Andrus is the beacon of light that I didn’t even realize I needed in my life. She is the most honest woman I have ever met. Through her being so truly authentic, she has inspired me to be my authentic self, as well.

I made an empowered decision to change my life, and took a leap of faith and enrolled at The S.W.A.T. Institute in February 2013. I, as so many women are, was searching for answers. I had come to an unbearable point in my life…again. “Again” I say because I recognized the patterns that had played over and over in my life. These patterns needed to be broken!! I felt like I was just not going to be able to make ‘another round’ in all the drama of my life.

Crystal has guided me to places that I have never imagined when I was stuck. She has taught me how important I am . . . that the world needs me to be who I really am!!! She has helped me realize that it’s so important to love the true essence of the woman I am. As Crystal guides me in the most gentle, loving way, I am experiencing the most love and support I have ever felt in my life. And as the beauty of ‘me’ unfolds, I recognize I’d been in denial my whole life.

My gratitude for Crystal is immeasurable—as if there isn’t a word in the English language that can express how she has helped me change my life and the immense love I feel for her, along with the amazing women she has introduced me too.

Has my life changed? YES! Has my daughters’ and grandson’s life changed? YES! Has my partnership and relationships changed? YES! Has my health improved? YES! Have doors of opportunity opened up? YES! The list goes on and on!!

I am now living my life for me. Through the incredible loving support that I have with Crystal, I know now that I am and will be living the life I have always desired.

I feel like I could never thank Crystal enough—as if a million times isn’t enough said. Yet I know that she feels all the love and gratitude I have for her. And how my life is forever changed and I am FREE to be ME!!!!

With so much love for you Crystal and all my SiSTARS. XOX

~ Jaci Pozdzik