Exactly twenty years ago today, February 23rd, 1997, I wrote in a journal for the first time. My first sentence was: I just want to be empowered.

At the time, I was a young, stay-at-home mother. My eldest daughter, Madelaine, had just turned two. My baby, Julia, was two days away from her three-month birthday.

The night before I bought that blank journal, with my two-year-old sleeping peacefully in her in canopy bed, I sat in my rocking chair nursing my newborn, listening to Bob Greene’s Make the Connection. My husband wasn’t home from work yet. It was eleven p.m. I was crying. Sobbing, actually.

I’d hear Oprah say years later: “I didn’t really know what the connection was that Bob was always talking about.” That night, I didn’t really know, either. But something in my heart cracked open just wide enough for me to believe that maybe I, too, could be happy and thin again.

As I look back, it shocks me that I wasn’t thinking about finally dealing with the time when I was twelve years old and my father told me he was going out to buy a gallon of milk and a pack of cigarettes and then never came home. I’d had no idea my parents were even arguing, and yet nothing in my life would ever be the same again. My parents never once sat us down and explained what was happening. It was just never talked about. Dad moved in (three cities away) with his new, crazy girlfriend; and a month later, my older brother followed. I never said good-bye to either of them. I wasn’t thinking about healing from the multitude of traumas that came after that—when my mother threw herself into bodybuilding and partying, moved her 24-year-old boyfriend in, or when the sexual abuse began to occur nightly. I rarely thought about the stranger who dragged me behind a bush one night and raped me when I was 14. Or how my mom kicked me out when I was fifteen because I was ‘cramping her style’ cuz her newest boyfriend liked me, or how afraid I was that—despite the treatment I’d undergone for the early signs of cervical cancer when I was only seventeen, taking the city bus to the hospital by myself—the cancer might come back again.

Nope. I wasn’t thinking about any of these things. I was thinking about my weight, specifically, How had I gotten this fat?

When I look back on that moment, I can see how completely lost I really was. I couldn’t see that the suffering I was experiencing had nothing to do with numbers on a scale. Yet rather than face and begin to process the emotional, sexual, and physical abuse I’d suffered, I believed at that time that if I could just lose weight than I would be happy.

We’ve all been consumed with disempowered, repetitive thoughts—misdirected fear—the stuff that distracts and numbs us from the real stuff.

Fast forward to today…LITERALLY today: February 23, 2017. I just found out today that I’m doing an event with Glennon Doyle Melton — the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Love Warrior! 

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Your Empowered Friend



P.S. Join our brand-new “12-Week Love Your Body, Love Your Life Program” called Simply…Woman! We get started on March 1st. Click here to join the party!

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