Sometimes we just need to hear it straight. No BS. No exaggerating. No making promises of ridiculous claims and unheard of results.

That’s what I did the other night during a live Facebook chat where I explained why dieting is bullshit; New Year’s resolutions suck, and why you’re sabotaging. I told the truth.

I’m not offering glitzy, glamourous, transformations. I’m giving you a real chance to heal the real crap that is bogging you down–under the surface.

My Facebook Video had nearly 30,000 views and climbing by the hour.

I’ve just uploaded to my website …. on my 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse page. Take a peek if you’re ready for a truth bomb:

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P.S. Damn that bra strap! Nothing like LIVE Television! Here’s the link for the video: